Four Things You Can Do To Jazz Up Your Look When You Wear A T-Shirt

Don't underestimate how stylish and chic a simple t-shirt can look. The secret to looking great in a t-shirt is knowing how to wear it to your greatest advantage. T-shirts tend to be extremely comfortable, so knowing how to jazz them up to fit any occasion can make your life a lot easier. The following are four things you can do to jazz up your look when you wear a t-shirt: Read More 

4 Ways To Carry Your Phone While Going For A Run

If you like to listen to music while you run, keep track of your mileage or plan your routes, you need somewhere safe to put your phone while you are running. Here are four safe and easy ways to carry your phone with you while you go on a run. #1 Running Shorts One of the easiest ways to carry your phone on you is by putting it in your shorts. Read More