Are You Shopping For New Clothes For Your Husband?

Are you the designated clothes shopper for your husband? Or, it might be that traditionally your husband selects his own wardrobe items, but you are shopping for a special occasion. With Father's Day just weeks away, you might even be shopping for that day. Whatever reason that you are shopping for new clothes for your husband, from buying sexy men's thongs to buying summer leather thong sandals, here are some ideas that might help you as you shop.

Buy Thong Underwear - Will you be selecting everything from underwear to shirts and slacks? If so, think of going with unexpected purchases. If you wear thong panties yourself, you might consider them the most comfortable underwear you've ever worn. If that's the case, consider buying thong underwear for your husband. Thong underwear might be a total surprise to him, not only because it looks different from briefs or boxers, but because he might find that the thong underwear is totally comfortable. And, he'll probably also feel quite sexy, don't you think? Thong underwear comes in many sizes and colors. In addition, you can find them at very affordable prices. Think of purchasing a pack that has assorted colors in it. 

Choose the unexpected in other clothes you select, too. For example, maybe your husband always buys white or light pastels for his dress shirts. If so, consider selecting bold colors for things like button-down shirts. If he usually wears polo shirts, Perhaps he presently has solid color t-shirts in his closet. If so, consider buying t-shirts that have things like trucks, motorcycles and airplanes as the main design.

Buy Thong Sandals - Select the unexpected in your husband's shoes, too. For example, if he usually wears athletic shoes for casual days, think of buying leather thong sandals that he can wear without socks. If he hasn't ever worn thong sandals before, he might need to get used to the open feeling and of something between his toes. No worries. Getting used to that comfortable feeling will probably spoil him into wearing his thong sandals every time he has a chance to.

Think of the thong sandals your husband would like best. For example, select a rustic look of brown sandals. Or, you can even choose thong sandals that are created partially with blue denim cloth. Plastic thong sandals would be a great selection for when your husband is going to the beach.

Your husband will probably get a big kick out of the fact that you have chosen both thong underwear and thong sandals for his gift. For more information on men's thongs, contact your local clothing retailer.