Are You Helping Your Husband With His Wardrobe?

Is your husband the kind of person who simply doesn't have a sense of style? Perhaps he'll grab a plaid shirt and add a polka dot tie to it, not realizing that the two simply don't go together. Or, your husband might know a great deal about how to combine articles of clothing, but he is simply too busy to establish a good wardrobe. For whatever reason that you are helping your husband with his wardrobe, from setting up a color scheme to finding a custom tailor, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Basics - What are the colors that look best on your husband? Think about selecting a basic color like navy, black, or gray and having that as the base color. Then add a variety of colors as you select dress shirts, casual shirts and neckties. Be creative too. For example, for times when your husband doesn't have to wear a suit, but he still wants to wear a tie, consider buying a cardigan sweater or a vest to go with a casual or dress shirt. Add some interest to his wardrobe by buying different types of ties, too. For example, does he look good in a bow tie? If so, buy bow ties to go with the suspenders you select. 

Don't forget that khaki slacks are a good choice when your husband wants to have a casual dressy look. Match them to a pair of loafers and select either a casual dress shirt or a polo shirt for a sharp look. 

The Fit - Is your husband a pretty typical size? If so, you've got it made, as you can probably pull things off the rack that will fit him nicely. However, if you can't find his exact size in things like his Sunday-best suit, consider using a tailor that can custom fit the suit you have selected for him. Or, let's say that you have bought a tuxedo that your husband will be wearing for a formal event. If the tuxedo just doesn't fit correctly, a custom tailor can take care of that, too. Custom tailors have the training and the experience to do simple jobs like shortening or lengthening slacks. If the job is more complicated, like having to totally adjust the sleeves, the custom tailor can do that, too.

If you do need a custom tailor, consider using the same one for all of your husband's tailoring needs.