Four Things You Can Do To Jazz Up Your Look When You Wear A T-Shirt

Don't underestimate how stylish and chic a simple t-shirt can look. The secret to looking great in a t-shirt is knowing how to wear it to your greatest advantage.

T-shirts tend to be extremely comfortable, so knowing how to jazz them up to fit any occasion can make your life a lot easier. The following are four things you can do to jazz up your look when you wear a t-shirt:

Be familiar with different t-shirt fabrics

The fabric with which a t-shirt is made is an important determining factor in the stylishness it offers.

Generally speaking, pure cotton is the most common fabric option for a t-shirt. However, there are numerous types of cotton to consider. The type of cotton that offers the highest quality is Pima cotton. However, there are also the options of combed cotton and organic cotton. 

Otherwise, there are also the options of merino, jersey, and bamboo. These are very stylish fabric options for t-shirts, but they also tend to cost more than a standard cotton t-shirt.

Put thought into the color

T-shirts of course come in every imaginable color. A basic t-shirt will be either navy, gray, white, or black. These colors will work well with everyone regardless of skin tone.

However, irregular t-shirt colors are common when t-shirts are used to promote a certain event, company, sports team, or brand. Generally speaking, neutral t-shirt covers like the basic navy, gray, white, or black tend to be the most formal looking and classy options out there, so avoid wearing irregular color t-shirts to events where stylishness is key and formality is important.

Know what the perfect fit feels like

When it comes to a basic garment like a t-shirt or a pair of jeans, the most important consideration is fit. A t-shirt needs to have the right measurements when it comes to shoulders, length, sleeves, neck, and stomach to look ideal. 

An ideal t-shirt fit should not extend all the way to the elbows and should not be so long that it bunches at the waist when tucked in. The ideal length of a t-shirt is ever so slightly below the hip bone. A t-shirt should conform to the body around the stomach and allow for free movement at all times. 

Get to know your body type and how t-shirt designs can best showcase it

T-shirt style options include the crew neck and the v-neck. Depending on your body type, either type could best suit you.

A v-neck is generally best for shorter individuals while a crew neck is ideal for a taller person with either sloped shoulders or a relatively small chest. Crew necks offer a look that enhances the appearance of narrow shoulders while v-necks offer greater balance for those with broad, well defined shoulders who may lack height. 

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